Using Australian native herbs, spices, and seasonings with beef introduces unique and robust flavours that complement the meat's richness. Ingredients like pepperberry add a peppery heat and fruity undertones, while wattleseed contributes a nutty, roasted flavour. Lemon myrtle offers a fresh, citrusy tang, and mountain pepper brings a spicy, earthy kick. These native flavours not only enhance the taste of beef dishes but also celebrate Australia's culinary heritage with their distinct and aromatic profiles, making them perfect for creating flavourful and memorable meals.

Using delicious Australian seasoning on beef
Bush Tomato & Pepperberry Seasoning:

Sprinkle it on grilled meats, roasted vegetables, or salads for a flavour boost. Use it as a rub for barbecues, THIS IS OUR ALL ROUNDER SEASONING- From eggs in the morning through to your meats, potatoes and vegetables at night.

Outback Swagman Spice Rub:

Get creative in the kitchen by sprinkling it on steaks, burgers, or roasts. Use it as a rub or marinade for meats to lock in flavour before cooking.

Aussie Smokey BBQ Rub:

Infused with the rich smokiness of Smoked Paprika, the earthy notes of Coriander and Native Thyme, and the sweetness of Brown Sugar, our rub is perfect for smoking meats and adding depth to grilled dishes. It's a must have for barbecue enthusiasts looking to infuse their cooking with the essence of the Australian outback.


  • Taste: Salty, herbaceous, Saltbush offers a distinctive salty and herbal flavour profile with earthy undertones..
  • Why Use: Enhances savouriness and adds a hint of saltiness to beef dishes, ideal for seasoning rubs, roasted meats, and grilled steaks.


  • Taste: Spicy, peppery, with fruity undertones.
  • Why Use: Adds a robust pepperiness to beef dishes, enhancing marinades, rubs, and sauces with its unique flavour profile. 

    Native Thyme:

    • Taste: Earthy, slightly minty, with herbal undertones.
    • Why Use: Adds a robust flavour to beef roasts, stews, and braises, enhancing depth and aroma.