Christmas Wreath Pavlova fruit


Australian native ingredients offer unique flavours and can add a special touch to desserts. Here are some popular options:

  1. Finger Lime Powder: Adds a citrusy burst of flavour, perfect for sprinkling on cakes, tarts, and ice creams or for making shortbreads.

  2. Kakadu Plum Powder: Provides a tart, tangy flavour and is rich in vitamin C, suitable for mixing into sauces, creams, and smoothies.

  3. Wattleseed: Has a nutty, coffee-like flavour, ideal for adding depth to biscuits, cakes, and custards.

  4. Lemon Myrtle: Offers an intense lemon flavour, excellent for flavouring custards, cheesecakes, and meringues.

  5. Davidson's Plum Powder: Imparts a tart, slightly sour taste, great for adding to sauces, jams, and desserts like sorbets and panna cotta.

  6. Quandong Powder: With its tangy flavour reminiscent of rhubarb and peach, it’s perfect for pies, tarts, and jams.

  7. Bush Tomato: While primarily savoury, it can add a unique twist to sweet and savoury dessert combinations, like chutneys or jams paired with cheese or mixed into cream cheese to make a delicious dip.

  8. Desert Lime Powder: & Desert Lime Pieces: Adds a sharp, tangy citrus flavour, great for meringues, cheesecakes, and fruit curds and the pieces are so delicious on icecream.

  9. Lemon Aspen Powder: Offers a tart and tangy flavour with a hint of grapefruit, perfect for sauces, creams, and as a zesty addition to desserts.

  10. Blood Lime Powder: Provides a unique blend of lime and berry flavours, suitable for sorbets, jellies, and as a vibrant topping for desserts.

  11. Pink Finger Lime Pieces: Adds a citrusy burst of flavour and texture, perfect for sprinkling on cakes, tarts, and ice creams.
  12. Strawberry Gum: Adds a sweet, berry-like flavour with hints of cinnamon and eucalyptus, ideal for flavouring cakes, biscuits, ice creams, and syrups.