Using seasonings, herbs, and spices when cooking lamb really boosts the flavours. They enhance the natural taste, make the meat more tender, and offer health benefits. Experimenting with different combinations keeps meals exciting and helps you discover new tastes. The bright colours and delicious aromas make cooking lamb more enjoyable.

Mouth watering roast lamb with Native & Delishful Foods seasonings


Lemon Myrtle:

Lemon myrtle can enhance lamb by adding a fresh, citrusy flavour that brightens the dish. Its zesty notes complement the rich taste of lamb, making it more aromatic and refreshing.


Wattleseed adds a unique, nutty, and slightly coffee-like flavour to lamb, enriching its natural taste. It brings depth and complexity to the dish, making the lamb more robust and earthy.

Native Thyme:

Native thyme adds a strong, slightly minty flavour to lamb, enhancing its richness. It provides a fragrant, herbal aroma that complements the meat, making it more aromatic and flavourful.

Mountain Pepperberry:

Pepperberry adds a spicy, peppery kick to lamb, enhancing its natural flavours with a bit of heat. Its unique, slightly fruity notes provide depth and complexity, making the dish more vibrant and aromatic. 

Blue Mountains Blend:

It combines the robust flavours of dried eucalyptus, native thyme, and lemon myrtle with a touch of pepperberry, coriander, and cumin powders. Perfect for roast lamb, lamb chops, and seasoning vegetables.

Sweet n Spicy Seasoning Rub:

A delightful blend of Paprika, Brown Sugar, Pepperberry, Garlic and Cayenne Pepper. This harmonious combination of flavours promises to add a perfect balance of sweetness and heat to any lamb dish.

Wattleseed Pepperberry Rub:

A seasoning rub of wattleseed and pepperberry adds a delightful combination of nutty, earthy flavours and a spicy kick to lamb. The wattleseed enriches the lamb with its robust, coffee-like notes, while the pepperberry adds heat and a touch of fruity complexity. Together, they create a deeply flavourful and aromatic dish.