Australian native flavours bring a unique and exciting twist to baking, incorporating ingredients like lemon myrtle, finger lime, Davidson plum, wattleseed, and macadamia nuts. Lemon myrtle adds a fresh, citrusy aroma, while finger lime provides bursts of zesty citrus pearls. Davidson plum offers a tart and tangy flavour profile, perfect for jams or fillings. Wattleseed introduces a nutty, coffee-like taste that enriches desserts, and macadamia nuts add a rich, buttery texture. These native ingredients not only enhance the taste of baked goods but also celebrate Australia's rich culinary heritage with their distinct flavours and textures.

Baking Strawberry Gum Apple & White Chocolate Muffins

Lemon Myrtle:

  • Taste: Fresh, citrusy, with lemon and lime notes.
  • Why Used: Adds a vibrant citrus flavour and aroma to cakes, muffins, and desserts.

Finger Lime:

  • Taste: Zesty, tangy, with small juicy pearls bursting with citrus flavour.
  • Why Used: Provides bursts of citrus in baking, perfect for garnishing or adding to fillings.

Davidson Plum:

  • Taste: Tart, tangy, with a rich berry-like flavour.
  • Why Used: Adds a unique tartness to jams, sauces, and fillings, balancing sweet desserts.


  • Taste: Nutty, earthy, with hints of roasted coffee.
  • Why Used: Enhances the flavour profile of desserts, cakes and biscuits with a depth of nuttiness and subtle coffee notes.
  • Taste: Tangy, slightly tart, with peach and apricot-like flavours.
  • Why Used: Adds fruity tanginess to baked goods, used in jams, pies, and tarts.

Kakadu Plum:

  • Taste: Tart, sour, with a hint of sweetness and high levels of vitamin C.
  • Why Used: Enhances flavour and provides nutritional benefits, used in jams, sauces, desserts, cakes, biscuits and more.

Bush Tomato:

  • Taste: Tangy, slightly caramelized, with a hint of earthiness.
  • Why Used: Adds depth and a unique flavour profile to savoury baked goods like breads and scones, or used in chutneys and sauces.

Lemon Aspen:

  • Taste: Sharp, citrusy, with lemon-like acidity.
  • Why Used: Adds a refreshing citrus twist to desserts, sauces, and jams.

Aniseed Myrtle:

  • Taste: Aniseed-like flavour with hints of licorice and spice.
  • Why Used: Adds a distinctive herbal and aromatic profile to baked goods, especially biscuits and cakes.


  • Taste: Salty, herbaceous, with a subtle spinach-like flavour.
  • Why Used: Adds a savoury and salty element to baked goods, used in breads, crackers, and savoury pastries.
  • Taste: Sweet, tart, with a hint of spice and apple-like flavour.
  • Why Used: Enhances sweetness and provides a fruity tang to baked goods like muffins, cakes, and pies.

Strawberry Gum:

  • Taste: Sweet, fruity, with strong notes of strawberry and a hint of eucalyptus.
  • Why Used: Adds a unique sweet and fruity flavour to desserts, biscuits, and cakes, enhancing the overall taste profile with its distinct aroma.

Honey Myrtle:

  • Taste: Sweet, floral, with a honey-like aroma and a hint of citrus.
  • Why Used: Enhances sweetness and adds a floral fragrance to baked goods, perfect for infusing into cakes, muffins, and biscuits for a delicate flavour profile.