Game Meats

Australian native ingredients pair wonderfully with Australian game meats, enhancing their natural flavours with unique and aromatic profiles.

Native ingredients not only amplify the flavour profiles of these game meats but also celebrate Australia's diverse culinary heritage, offering a unique and delightful dining experience.

Game Meat rabbit cooked and ready to eat

Kangaroo: Pepperberry adds a peppery kick, wattleseed brings nutty richness, and bush tomato offers a tangy depth. 

Seasonings: Bush Tomato & Pepperberry   -   Blue Mountains Blend   -   

Duck: Lemon myrtle provides a citrusy brightness, native thyme adds herbal notes, and finger lime offers zesty bursts.

Seasonings: Sweet & Spicy   -   

Rabbit: Bush basil contributes a minty freshness, saltbush adds a savoury edge, and Davidson plum brings a tart sweetness.

Seasonings: Sweet & Spicy   -   

Emu: Wattleseed enhances with its nutty flavour, bush tomato adds a rich tanginess, and lemon aspen offers a sharp citrus twist.

Seasonings: Bush Tomato & Pepperberry   -   Blue Mountains Blend   -    Aussie Smokey BBQ

Wild Boar: Pepperberry provides spicy warmth, mountain pepperleaf adds herbal complexity, and bush tomato brings a tangy sweetness.

Seasonings: Aussie Smokey BBQ   -   Bush Tomato & Pepperberry   -   

Crocodile: Lemon myrtle adds a refreshing citrus aroma, native thyme complements with earthy tones, and finger lime provides a zesty punch.

Venison: Pepperberry enhances with its spicy notes, wattleseed adds a nutty richness, and mountain pepperleaf brings peppery depth.

Seasonings: Bush Tomato & Pepperberry   -   Blue Mountains Blend   -      Aussie Smokey BBQ   -